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Vision/Ethos of the PRS

Primary Pupil Referral Service, Westfields and Ethos College - The PRS provides a 'through school' from KS1-4 in order to support children with social, emotional & mental health difficulties (SEMHD). PRS staff are also deployed on an outreach basis in primary and secondary schools throughout Kirklees to support pupils to remain successfully engaged in their mainstream setting. 

Graduated and personalised interventions contribute to the positive outcomes for children and young people. The PRS is committed to the promotion of inclusive support, raising standards for children with SEMHD and improving their life chances .The PRS values the abilities and achievements of all its pupils and is committed to providing, for each pupil, the best possible environment and opportunities for learning through classroom based and personalised interventions.

The Pupil Referral Service is proposing to form a new Multi Academy Trust and to call this Trust Ethos Academy Trust (EAT). The management committee, on behalf of all three schools, has resolved to take this proposed action. Between the dates 14th June to the 12th July 2017 a robust consultation process was undertaken with the aim of ensuring that all stakeholders who wished to were able to make their views known about this proposal. The consultation was designed to ensure that stakeholders were able to raise informed questions and make informed comments. All comments and questions were recorded and are included in this report. A variety of media has been used and care has been taken to ensure accessibility at all times.

The Academy Consultation Report (click HERE)

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