About Ethos College

Provision available:

Ethos College is a Pupil Referral Service providing education to Key Stage 4 pupils with wide ranging Social, Emotional Mental Health Needs. Additional 1:1 teaching is also available for a small number of pupils who are referred with medical needs or those whose needs are more complex.

At Ethos College we recognise that children and young people may experience a wide range of Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH) and may present themselves in a variety of ways. These may include becoming withdrawn or isolated from their friends and studies through to displaying challenging, disruptive or disturbing behaviours. For many young people these behaviours may reflect underlying mental health needs.

The staff team at Ethos College are skilled at working with young people with need across the SEMH range. In partnership with parents, carers and other professionals, Ethos College takes a holistic approach to ensuring a young person's needs are identified accurately upon joining our school and then met through a curriculum which addresses academic needs as well as SEMH needs through targeted and additional interventions.

Throughout their time with us at Ethos College parents, carers and guardians will receive regular contact with core staff to provide an update on academic progress and SEMH wellbeing. This will usually be done by phone but will also include meetings in school or at home. Progress will be tracked through the use of Additional Needs Plans, BOXALL profiling and reports and sent home termly. Parents, carers and guardians are encouraged to make contact with the SENCo or their child's core staff team at any time should they wish to discuss any aspect of their child's development or have any concerns they would like addressing.

Our mission at Ethos College is to create a secure and stimulating learning environment in which all students are valued and respected, their learning is promoted and their strengths are nurtured.


Our commitment to nurturing, student-centred approaches supports and inspires young people to:

* develop resilience and determination in overcoming challenges they face within and beyond school;

* become motivated by their  own personal and academic successes;

* aspire to fulfil their potential as lifelong learners.


We believe in preparing young people for the future by providing a high quality broad and balanced inclusive curriculum which promotes:

* key core values, skills and knowledge in which equality is promoted and difference is celebrated;

* the development of flexible, adaptable learners who embrace challenge, communicate efficiently and work collaboratively;

* social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.


Our supportive community values and nurtures personal and academic progress. High expectations of staff, students, parents and carers leads to young people:

* achieving personal, social and academic success

* understanding and fulfilling their potential

 *developing the necessary skills and confidence to progress successfully to post-16 education, employment or training opportunities