About the PRS

The Remit of the Pupil Referral Service

The Primary Pupil Referral Service, Westfields (KS3) and Ethos College (KS4) provide wide ranging support and / or educational opportunities for pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMHD). PRS staff work in partnership with schools, parents / carers and other professionals to support and promote the educational and social inclusion of pupils referred to the PRS.

How is Support Accessed?

Schools can refer for PRS support when it is recognised that more targeted or specialist support is required for an individual pupil. Referrals are made through the Single Point Referral (SPR) process. The SPR Panel is held fortnightly and comprises a team of professionals (including PRS and mainstream Head Teachers).

What Support is Available?

The Pupil Referral Service operates a model of delivery to provide for children within the continuum of SEMHD. The following support can be accessed:

Outreach Support in partnership with mainstream schools

PRS staff provide time limited packages of support in school settings. 

Medical Teaching & Learning Support/Complex Teaching & Learning Support in partnership with mainstream schools

1:1 teaching & learning support for pupils unable to attend school for medical reasons.

Short Term Provision in partnership with mainstream schools

Time-limited turnaround placements working in partnership with schools, parents/carers and other professionals  to assess and plan / deliver support for the child’s social, emotional and mental health needs . Reintegrations at the end of placement are carefully planned and resourced with support in school, as appropriate.

Assessment Provision

Additional needs provision for complex pupils unable to attend mainstream school (eg as an alternative to Permanent Exclusion – where the child returns to their 'home' school and for Children Missing from Education) to enable a thorough assessment of the pupil’s needs to inform a long term plan.