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Westfields is a well-established school for children with SEMHD (Social, emotional & mental health difficulties), some have been permanently excluded from Kirklees secondary schools (KS3).  A high proportion of children continue to make a successful return to their local or another mainstream school following their exclusion, some are placed in special school provision. The school also provides inclusion support to mainstream secondary schools in order to support & develop inclusion within mainstream settings. The allocation of support offers an alternative to permanent exclusion (around 16% of the school budget is aligned to mainstream support in secondary schools).  

The school was previously Westfields Observation & Assessment Centre providing provision for children in care. Since 1994, when Westfields became a PRU, the school has worked in partnership with Kirklees secondary schools providing SEMHD places on a 'step out' basis.

Our school:

We have developed a high quality provision where young people can learn through supportive interaction, be supported through personalised interventions and experience success in their learning.  We are passionate about the stimulating and safe environment we have created for young people where the emphasis is placed upon growing, learning and fulfilling the potential that exists in every child.  We are committed to improving the life chances of every child by removing barriers to engagement and achievement.  Our aim is to create a secure and inspiring environment where every child is supported holistically to enable them to take ownership of their lives, their learning and their decisions. 


Children are referred via the Single Point Referral where a panel will offer advice & recommendations. Following this consultations are held to consider appropriate support. 

Further development area for 2016/17: a pilot has been agreed with head teachers in Kirklees secondary schools to allocate ‘assessment places’ via the Behaviour & Admissions Collaborative. This aims to avoid the need to permanently exclude with schools retaining responsibility for the child.

At the point of exclusion in 2015/16 many children had not had their needs identified or assessed in mainstream settings. The pilot is running for those children who have had a number of FT exclusions around social & emotional difficulties. Children referred for PRU placements should have a My Support Plan that has clear outcomes recorded and clear evidence of plan, act, and review. 

The school fund Educational Psychology time to support the identification & assessment of needs. 

In 2014 the school gained the Inclusion Quality Mark, Centre of Excellence, a further external review was carried out in October 2016.

Additionally the school is a Stonewall School Champion & Stonewall training partner. 

 External assessment reports can be found below:


Residential (October 2016)

Residential (October 2016)

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